Revealed: the secret cyber scams targeting the hospitality sector

We’re all aware of the risks around customer data theft in the hospitality industry. But the fact that such a wide range of sensitive information is held by hospitality firms — everything from credit card details to car registration numbers — hasn’t gone unnoticed by cybercriminals who use every trick in the book to hack into hotel computer systems.

 What doesn’t tend to get so much airtime is what hackers do with all this information once they’ve stolen it. A quick trawl of the internet, including its murkier corners known as the dark web, however, reveals how criminals make money from this patchwork of stolen customer data.

One of the biggest scams employed by organised crime gangs is to use hacked data to set up what are effectively dark web travel agencies. A recent report by reveals how these illegal agencies use a wide range of stolen data to sell super-cheap holidays which c