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HOSPA are thrilled to announce the launch of our HOSPA Professional Development Grants, offering an invaluable opportunity for self-funding learners eager to enhance their professional growth. These grants have been established to support individuals by covering 50% of their course fees, enabling up to twenty deserving learners to embark on an enriching journey of professional development with us.

At HOSPA, we understand the importance of investing in one's career and expanding knowledge and skills. That's why we are committed to providing these grants to empower individuals who are passionate about their professional growth but may face financial constraints. By offering substantial financial support, we aim to make our esteemed courses accessible and inclusive to a wider range of dedicated learners.

We are delighted to announce that these grants have been generously supported by the Savoy Education Trust, a distinguished organisation renowned for its commitment to advancing education within the hospitality industry. Their invaluable contribution demonstrates their dedication to nurturing talent and ensuring the continued excellence of professionals in our field.

For more information and to apply, please submit your application through the button below.

HOSPA’s Commitment To Supporting Learners

Hospitality in the UK is facing significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent. The pandemic has exacerbated this issue, as many workers have left the industry due to job losses, furlough, and concerns about safety and stability. A factor contributing to the recruitment challenge is the perception of the hospitality industry as low-paid, high-stress work with unsociable hours. Many potential workers, particularly younger people, choose alternative career paths that offer greater stability and work-life balance.

Careers within finance, revenue management and asset management offer excellent alternative career paths for hospitality professionals. Studying with HOSPA Professional Development, particularly at the foundation level, offers an excellent opportunity for hospitality professionals to explore a new profession before developing further in the chosen specialisation.

HOSPA is keen to ensure that HOSPA's Professional Development programmes reach as wide an audience as possible, not just those supported by their employers. HOSPA Professional Development has a few corporate sponsors and individually funded scholarships, to whom we are very grateful; however, we made the decision to collaborate with the Savoy Education Trust to gain funding to promote the availability of potential financial support confidently.

How Our Grants Impact Our Industry

By investing in Professional Development, we are investing in the advancement of education and training, offering an opportunity for learners to obtain accredited qualifications. In the UK, many hospitality professionals ‘fall into’ the industry and may lack such qualifications. HOSPA Professional Development not only offers the opportunity for learners to explore a new discipline but also to master their profession and advance their careers.

Eligibility Requirements To Receive A Grant

To apply for a grant please complete the application form below. Applicants are expected to:

•            Evidence that they are residents within the UK.

•            Declare that they are self-funding.

•            Agree to pay half of the course fees (with an instalment option available).

A member of the HOSPA Professional Development team will support the application process with an interview. Each application will be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis, considering previous educational commitments and achievements. In certain cases, further references may be sought from industry colleagues or employers to strengthen the application.

The HOSPA Professional Development Grants cover 50% of the course fees, up to a maximum of £625. This fee encompasses various benefits, including administration support, access to comprehensive online learning resources, dedicated tutor assistance, and examinations.

As part of our commitment to supporting self-funding learners, HOSPA also offers a 20% discount on the course fees to all self-funders. It's important to note that learners applying for the Professional Development Grant will not be eligible for additional funding support.

To be considered for the grant, applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to learning by successfully completing their first module, after which the Grant will be allocated to their account.

The Savoy Education Trust

The Savoy Education Trust is a distinguished organisation dedicated to advancing education within the hospitality industry. With a rich heritage rooted in the renowned Savoy Hotel, the Trust strives to nurture talent and promote excellence in hospitality education. Established in 1964, it has a long-standing commitment to providing financial support and scholarships to individuals pursuing educational opportunities and career development in hospitality-related fields. Through their philanthropic efforts, the Savoy Education Trust plays a crucial role in empowering aspiring professionals, fostering innovation, and ensuring the continued growth and success of the hospitality industry. To learn more about the Savoy Education Trust and their impactful work, please visit their official website at

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