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Revitalising Hospitality: Digital Workers to Improve Staff Retention and Customer Service

The hospitality industry is no stranger to workplace stress for managers and employees alike, even when compared to other industries. According to recent statistics, hotel managers face work overloads on 20% of workdays. Moreover, hotel employees experience stress on 40-62% of workdays, which is considerably higher than the average employee across other sectors. This stress not only takes a toll on individual well-being but also ultimately reduces productivity.

Given these findings, it is no surprise that “quiet quitting,” a trending topic in all industries, has not avoided the hospitality sector. To mitigate this phenomenon, businesses must manage and prevent workplace stress rather than blaming employees. Thankfully, Centelli’s Digital Workers can help with that by promoting employee well-being and organisational performance. With innovative automation, the hospitality industry can navigate its challenges and emerge stronger and more competitive than ever.

As the hospitality industry begins 2023 with a fourth successive month of year-on-year growth, the need for innovative solutions like Centelli's Digital Worker becomes even more apparent. With the challenges of improving the guest experience, operating in a competitive market, and retaining and hiring staff, Centelli's tireless software bots can help streamline business operations, improve response times, and lower costs.

By automating routine tasks such as handling emails for reservations, collection of payment for pre-paid bookings, and preparing regular reports for smooth and efficient operation, Centelli's Digital Workers can free up human workers to focus on providing excellent customer service and reducing the risk of burnout. This can help hospitality businesses retain their staff and avoid the negative consequences of quiet quitting.

Furthermore, Centelli's platform offers advanced scheduling tools that make it easier to manage employee schedules and avoid overwork, as well as reporting tools that can help businesses identify areas where they can improve working conditions and increase employee satisfaction. With Centelli's Digital Worker solution, hospitality businesses can not only survive but thrive in today's challenging environment.

For more information, check out this article from the Centelli Business Journal.


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