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Score Big With Live Music

Venues showing football this summer can get ready for Euro 2024 by hosting live music to increase dwell time and boost revenue across the tournament, according to GigPig.

The group said: "Everyone is hoping for football to come home this summer, but regardless of the outcome, venues can capitalise on the times around the 90 minutes of football by hosting live music.

"Dwell time surrounding the football doesn’t have to be result-dependent. Whilst it’s inevitable fans will stay if their country wins, we are talking about the Home Nations here - nothing is confirmed in an international football tournament."

A summer tournament is a great way to bring a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to your venue, which rings true through research by Sky Business and GGA, which states that 41% of consumers prefer to watch sports in pubs and bars because of the lively atmosphere. To further enhance the atmosphere in your venue before and after the game, live music will improve this atmosphere and extend customer dwell times.

Booking DJs, bands and singers before and after the match will encourage visitors to stay in your venue for longer, regardless of the full-time result. A change in tempo after the final whistle to a more high-energy atmosphere will result in guests being more likely to stay and enjoy the remainder of the night. 

The appeal of a major tournament goes well beyond the dedicated football fan, so it is vital to cater the music to your customers.

Live music increases dwell time

Venues hosting the football need to capitalise on that downtime around the 90 minutes of the match to keep customers in your pub or bar.

Live music alone increases dwell time by 61% and increases spend per visit by 64%. So instead of listening to Alan Shearer’s post-match analysis, venues can be putting on some of the most talented emerging musicians whilst retaining customers. 

Key dates to host live music

The hype for this year's European summer tournament will inevitably draw more people into your venue if you show the matches, and that is regardless if the Home Nations are on or not, people still want to consume the Euros. Research conducted by FANZO found that 50% of people said they would be watching the Euros this summer in a pub or a bar, which is up almost 20% compared to the Premier League.

Priority for the venues should be to targeting the England and Scotland matches, as there’s is nothing more British than throwing your pint as soon as the ball hits the back of the net.

As per GigPig’s industry-leading Live Music Index, 87% of venues believe that live music can improve the atmosphere and guest satisfaction, whilst 96% say that their business would suffer as a result of removing live music.

Alongside increased dwell time, footfall and spending per visit, live events can increase venues’ sales by 33%, which equates to an average annual uplift of around £107,000 for bars, pubs or nightclubs.

The frequency of visits to a venue rises by 48% - proof that music can increase loyalty to your venue. Guests won’t wait until the tournament starts to decide where they’re going to watch the matches, so use this period before Euro 2024 to show them why you're the best place to watch football this summer.


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