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Enhance your guest's check-in experience with Guestline’s new Digital Registration

Guestline is delighted to announce the launch of their latest contact-free solution - GuestStay, Digital Registration – which will enable hotels to streamline the check-in process, enhance communication and improve safety measures. 

Streamlined check-in

GuestStay enables guests to fill out their digital registration card in advance so they can provide accurate data and sail through check-in on arrival. As part of a contact-free hotel experience, hotels can reduce physical contact with the guest whilst still providing a great first impression. The hotel’s PMS is automatically updated with the guest’s reservation and profile information (such as ETA, additional guests and notes) which helps to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, pressure, and queues upon arrival. It also allows the housekeeping and front desk teams to plan ahead.

Paul Downing, Managing Director at the Dart Marina Group explains, ‘With GuestStay, most of the admin associated with checking in a guest is eliminated, which has enabled us to personally greet our guests on arrival and provide a more hospitable and engaging welcome. It helps us tailor our service to their needs and ensure they have everything they need for their stay instead of going through paperwork and asking them 20 questions!  Also, it helps the environment by saving paper and enables us to keep physical contact with guests to a minimum which is essential during these post-Covid times.’

Improved communication

Hotels can still deliver a warm welcome without the distractions!

Hamzah Hafesji, Senior Product Manager at Guestline added, ‘With GuestStay, hotels give guests the option to avoid lengthy reception queues at check-in by filling in all their details at their own leisure and in return the hotels can improve their planning, reallocate resources on reception and reduce admin.

The automated emails can relay useful information on new operational and safety measures in place to help drive guest confidence. Plus, all the data is accurately stored and accessible against the reservation in the PMS to ensure compliance and a clean database.’

Accurate data

Patrick Jones, General Manager at Tewkesbury Park Hotel in Gloucestershire explains the benefits ‘When looking at how we were going to re-open we wanted to automate the mundane and digitalise as many processes as we could – whilst still maintaining our core hospitality values.

The new GuestStay digital registration link is embedded in our app and sent out on guest emails and is working really well. About ¼ of guests are now using it and it’s gaining traction. The solution has been thought out really well and covers every aspect of the guest journey.  It’s helped minimise the number of people in reception and has taken the pressure off the check-in process, generally making it more efficient and risk-free.’

Enhanced guest experience

Jones continues, ‘The guests are now filling in their full details (including their email addresses) meaning the data is accurate, up-to-date and can be used for marketing purposes as most agree to receiving further comms from us - a significant added benefit for us. Correct data is also key for the tracking and tracing of guests.

It also helps us plan better. The more information we know about our guest’s planned behaviour in advance (i.e. their ETA and any special requests), the easier it is for us to plan on getting it right and enhancing their experience!’

Contact-free hotel experience 

Since re-opening, and with local social distancing and safety guidelines still firmly in place, hoteliers need solutions to ensure their guests feel at ease staying at their hotel whilst driving revenue streams at the same time.

This contact-free hotel experience starts at check-in where a digital registration solution comes in, then extends to their stay where hotels can offer an online food and drink ordering facility. Guest’s orders can be delivered to their room or table, another way of maintaining a safe distance and providing a potentially new and efficient revenue stream for hotels. And when it comes to checking out, guests could review and pay their final bill online, again avoiding any build-up at reception. 

To find out more about Guestline’s GuestStay solution, please click here and to get more information on the end-to-end contact-free hotel experience, please click here.

Contact Details

For further information please contact Kate Fuller, Guestline Marketing Manager: or +44 1743 282300.


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