Rebuild & Reinspire Hospitality Recruitment Summit | Session 1: Recruit

Welcome to the Rebuild & Reinspire Hospitality Recruitment Summit, a virtual event comprising three sessions that directly address the ongoing staffing crisis in the hospitality industry.

In the first session, Louise Gallant, Community & Events Director at Harri, met with Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, James Godwin, Resources & Administration Director at Harbour Hotels Group, Matt Hudson, People Director at Wagamama, Alex Reilley, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Loungers, and Nisha Katona, Founder, and CEO of Mowgli Street Food, to discuss the best ways to attract people back into the sector. The expert panelists provided some innovative ideas and solutions throughout the session. This isn’t one to be missed — read on to find out what was covered.

By the numbers: COVID-19’s impact on hospitality

Kate Nicholls kicked off the summit by outlining the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector, “since the financial crash, we’ve generated 1 in 6 of net new jobs each and every year, and invested £10 billion in our high streets…that positive statement [was] absolutely devastated as a result of COVID. We are now a third of the size that we were in 2020.”

Nicholls continued to explain how the hard-hit industry has experienced a “28% drop in headcount,” with 660,000 fewer people now working in the sector. Based on these numbers alone, it’s clear that if the hospitality industry wants to recover from the catastrophic effects of the pandemic, something needs to change, and fast.

Operators face recruitment challenges