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An Inside Job

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Many companies make the fatal mistake of viewing sustainability as ‘a project’, sitting outside of the traditional core business structure.


Or they place sustainability within an existing discipline, often HR or Marketing.

But in reality, it’s a complete change in attitude that must permeate the entire operation from top to bottom.


This philosophy of sustainability is not a project has a deep bearing on the organizational structure of a company. It is essential that sustainability becomes part of the company’s culture, providing the bedrock of all company activities or an overarching filter for all decision making. It is also vital that proper resource is dedicated to it, even if a company starts modestly by engaging an external consultant and then builds internal capacity to handle matters full time.


If the sustainability function stands alone, or is hidden away within another department, then it will be doomed to failure. There are scores of examples of where this unenlightened approach leaves anyone representing the function without any executive authority to enact the change that is needed.


So, don’t do sustainability, be sustainable.



Taken from The Sustainable Business Book

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