Sponsor Testimonials

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"We enjoy working with HOSPA as it gives us a great platform to talk to hoteliers, to find out what the latest challenges are, and discuss how we might be able to help. HOSPA has a vast network of hoteliers, across the UK; this provides us with a great opportunity to drive awareness of industry insights, new solutions that Guestline has developed, and Guestline Connect events that are relevant for HOSPA members. We also enjoy attending the HOSPA-run events as it gives us the chance to meet new contacts face-to-face and again discuss any burning issues they may have!"

Kate Fuller - Marketing Manager, Guestline


"BDO has been a proud HOSPA sponsor for a number of years. Being a HOSPA sponsor allows us to stay up to date with the latest sector insights as well as having access to an expansive community of industry professionals. HOSPA members represent the who’s who in the hotel sector, providing us with the opportunity to widen our network through getting involved with their regular conferences and events. HOSPA go over and above to build a relationship with BDO and continually find ways for us to get involved and raise our profile in the sector. We get great value from being a HOSPA sponsor, but more importantly, we really enjoy working with them!"

Stuart Collins - BDO Partner / Assurance & Advisory


"It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with HOSPA. Under our Gold sponsorship, we have enjoyed having a strong brand presence at HOSPACE and other events where we can meet key contacts within the industry to share ideas, understand challenges and discuss ways to help improve guest experience and hotel profitability. HOSPA are very supportive in providing a platform to their sponsors to generate new business leads and launch new products – creating a broad reach of messaging for brands in a credible manner."

James Tweddle - Director of Accommodation, Sky Business


"We have been working with HOSPA (and BAHA in their previous life) for many years now, mainly because their association and its members are very relevant to our business but also because they have an inclusive and collaborative attitude which makes for a great relationship. Our sponsorship with HOSPA gives us the opportunity to increase our brand awareness and thought leadership via the Overview and to meet and network with new peers at the educational events held around the country."

Amanda Brown - Hospitality Marketing, Infor


"Our HOSPA membership isn’t just a membership, it’s access to an extensive network of hospitality professionals who are passionate about our industry. Avvio has been a Gold Sponsor for 4 years – we see this as a partnership with HOSPA who, in turn, provide unrivalled advice and support to individuals on how to succeed in their role through better technology, processes and structure; ultimately improving the guest experience. Whether we’re involved in the Overview, supporting a workshop or attending the HOSPACE event, Avvio always sees great results when supporting HOSPA’s activities."

Frank Reeves - Co-founder and CEO, Avvio