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Centelli is an award-winning automation services provider to the hospitality industry. We have been building and deploying Digital Workers in hotel and restaurants groups like Village Hotels, Jurys Inn, GLH Hotels, Soho House and Ivy Group, transforming the guest experience while driving revenue growth, increasing efficiency across the organisation and improving employee experience.


Digital Workers use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to transform the hospitality industry by automating routine, repetitive tasks currently done by staff and freeing them up to focus on the value-added tasks to improve the guest experience. These new digital staff members work 24x7 without breaks.


We can automate and work with any process that a person can, we can work with any business application and PMS (including Opera/Clock/Stayintouch).


For Hotel Groups some of the automated tasks include:

  • Reservation / cancellation / amendment processing of different OTAs

  • Advanced booking deposits

  • Rate management

  • Back-office processes like commission management, staff onboarding, invoice processing and vendor creation


For Restaurant groups, some of the processes include:

  • Reporting across multiple sites

  • OpenTable Reporting

  • End of Day Reconciliations

  • Onboarding of Staff


We are an Oracle Certified Integration Partner and have developed our own connector to Opera for further speed up deployments.


Find out how Digital Workers can transform your business. Contact us at

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2023 Conference Sessions & Webinars

Centelli's Founder and Managing Director, Aneesh Gupta, joined HOPSA's Jane Pendlebury, Clermont Hotel Group's Melanie Cole and Village Hotel's Neil Cryer to discuss 'The rise of the digital worker' at the HRC 2023. 

Hospitality businesses are used to hosting digital workers, but how can they be better utilised by hotels, restaurants and bars to take the load off full time staff and streamline efficiency? Digital workers can automate processes such as reservations, invoice processing, onboarding and more, allowing front of house to focus on elevating the customer experience. HOSPA's Jane Pendlebury hosts this session examining what place digital workers have in the future of hospitality.

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