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audico – Voice Activated Hospitality

Say "Hello" to audico, a voice activated, hospitality ordering system that runs on Amazon's Alexa for Smart Properties.

To the customer it is a system they are already familiar with, albeit with several small modifications.

audico for Hospitality works on Amazon's Alexa for Smart Properties platform, meaning setup and deployment can be achieved at volume with minimal fuss.

The system allows a business to push live or scheduled messages through to one device, selected devices, or all devices at specific times.

Unlike the consumer platform, this version of Alexa does not record any conversations and all users remain completely anonymous.

audico Payments

audico has partnered with payment provider Elavon to help deliver our unique system of payment and loyalty.

As we move to display devices, we can provide customers with a simple login process via a QR code activated on the display just by saying, "Alexa, I'd like to open up a tab". (variation of phrase possible)

audico Purchases

audico will also allow the customer to purchase items via the same mechanism. Either through a push notification or a direct request, audico can allow customers to purchase tickets for future events, simply by saying "Alexa, I'd like to buy some tickets" and then scanning the QR code presented on screen.

audico Checkout

Beat the morning check out queues by settling your bill through Audico Check Out. Customers simply need to request their final bill and then pay with either the card already logged on the hotel system or an alternative card via a QR code. Quick, simple and friction-free.

To find out more about the audico platform visit our website here, or contact us on

In partnership with Elavon.


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