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HOSPACE 2013 - coming over the event horizon

Carl Weldon’s preview of this year’s must-attend event

In these days of information assaults from all sides while you’re trying to do the day job, it pays to take some time out to step back and consider what is going on in the industry from experts, leaders and even your own colleagues.

HOSPA is made up of three communities - Finance, Revenue Management and Technology - but we like to think that the three come together under the umbrella ‘Commercial’, where the principle of making a return drives the discussion.

Technology wants to make sure Finance understands the investment, Revenue Management wants to ensure all the pieces of information can flow over the systems – and Finance wants to make sure the systems lock together and are commercially viable.

At HOSPACE 2013, one day out can bring you all this.

This year the leaders panel includes Robert Cook of De Vere, who is always happy to put his point-of-view across. He is joined by Stewart Campbell of Redefine BDL, who has the angle on managed and franchised hotels - particularly in the budget market, while Jonathan Ragget is well known for his service-led business and classic British hotels. They are joined by Heiko Figge, who knows what it is like to run a large three-star group.

There will also be specialised panel discussions on our three areas of expertise. In Finance, Paul Dukes, a former finance director and now chairman of Kew Green and HOSPA, will ask a panel of experts where the money for deals is going to come from. Paul also has a background in banking, so knows how to ask the questions.

HOSPA’S IT Community leader, Bryan Steele, will be asking what the industry has done to serve guests - or itself - using the latest technology. Fielding the questions will be an array of International IT Directors such as Jeremy Ward of Kempinski Hotels, Timo Kettern of Westbridge Hospitality and Carson Booth of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

In the Revenue Management field, the panel will be looking at how revenue managers can collate all their information streams into a cohesive picture, with expertise from Brian Hicks, Revenue Director of InterContinental Hotels Group, EMEA, plus Steven Cassidy, Area VP of Hilton UK – who has also been a revenue manager at British Airways.

You can also choose from one of 21 different half-hour education sessions, on our three specialist areas, all led by experts in their field. If you fancy a wander, there is the exhibition, with companies who produce the latest technology and services to the industry - it pays to stay one step ahead of developments. You will be guided around the event by the latest in digital signage (produced exclusively for HOSPACE 2013), with additional content from Sky.

Of course it’s not just about the day’s content – half of the value in a day like this is from meeting new people and catching up with old colleagues and acquaintances – finding out what they have been up to and where they are now - and also just maybe…. they have had the same issues and problems as your business and how did they solve it!?

We always end the day with an excellent dinner at the five-star Sofitel T5 and some fun..and games. But you would have to be there to know what it will turn out to be!

HOSPACE 2013 – it’s got to be good to be there!


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