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Scots vote in vaccine passport

Last night saw the Scottish Parliament vote to require people going to nightclubs and many other large events to have vaccine passports from 1 October.

Further details were not yet available.

UKHospitality Scotland Executive Director Leon Thompson said:“Tonight’s result, whilst expected, is still extremely disappointing. The Scottish Government has not listened and now our businesses face just three weeks in which to prepare for a policy that will put further economic and resourcing pressures on them. The Scottish Government has not consulted with hospitality, it has not produced any credible plans for the introduction of passports and it has not even defined what a nightclub is. This leaves many businesses fearful that they will fall within scope of this legislation and concerned about the open-ended costs they might now face.

“UKHospitality Scotland will continue to push for solutions to ensure the worst effects of this policy are mitigated, so our members can continue to work towards recovery.”


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