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The third edition of “Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities”, is available to pre-order from the 9th June and the book will be available from the 30th June.

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In light of the tumultuous global changes which have dramatically affected the hospitality business, the third edition of Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities provides insight into the reality of developing hospitality properties in challenging international contexts.


Since its successful first publication in 2000 and subsequent second edition in 2004, Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities has sought to model and demystify the process of designing, planning, constructing and sustaining hospitality properties. The third edition boasts an impressive array of academic and professional contributors from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and 12 case studies and issues concerning individual hotels and international regions and addressing issues of technology, revenue management and fee structures. This edition recognizes that in order for the hospitality sector to overcome periodic problems such as global pandemics, it is important to inform academic and professional readers so that they can ensure that future developments are sustainable, environmentally friendly and resilient in the longer term.


Written for hospitality owners, developers, investors and managers and suitable for students, this book aims to bridge the gap between generic and applied texts using a model-based approach to clarify the process in an informed, non-technical way.

Developing Hospitality Properties & Facilities - 20% Discount for HOSPA Members

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