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LiBi, which stands for ‘Love It, Buy It’, is a new eCommerce platform that partners consumer lifestyle brands with a network of hotels and resorts. Marking the travel industry first, the app enables guests to buy products they see, try and love at the click of a button. 

We have devised an easy-to-use, frictionless mobile solution that can enhance a guest’s experience whilst critically adding incremental revenue to hotels. LiBi creates a culture of ‘me time’ retail that helps build emotional connections with brands based on richer immersion and ‘try before you buy’ experiences when away from everyday time pressures. 

With the industry coming out of tough times, we recognise the benefit of incremental income for hotels. Opportunities to sell great parts of a guest’s experience back to them when they leave, with no need to have any stock on-site, is a low effort/high win opportunity. 

Through QR code access, guests can scan the corresponding code to reveal details on price and availability, the supply chain, and the backstory behind the product and brand.

By combining immersive product experiences with instant retail reality, we enable guests to browse and purchase the range of items they’ve experienced during overnight hotel stays – ranging from mattresses and beds to art and design, food and drink to consumer tech, and even sports and wellbeing items. We can showcase brands in various experiential ways and add depth to what each can offer new customers – perhaps visits to distilleries, wineries, mixology masterclasses, podcasts, and creative added value elements for any deal if desired.

Each hotel partner benefits from its own bespoke page that functions as a virtual boutique for all shoppable items. The commercial transactions flow through our drop-ship home delivery model, meaning hotels and resorts will not need to hold any inventory – the items will be delivered directly to guests' homes without any requirements from the hospitality venue.

Imagine retail done differently…

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