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Enact: Direction vs Destination

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Direction is a line or a course.


It goes a certain way, but, as we established when looking at obstacles and how to overcome them, it’s not the same as the destination.


Barely any journey, whether physical or temporal, follows a single straight line. Most involve a number of directions, plural. That’s where the Improvement Plan (see 3.5) comes in.

This is particularly true in the area of sustainability since it is relatively new and information is constantly changing.


So your specific direction today may well be different from your direction tomorrow, even though the destination remains the same. That’s how you navigate through it all.


Smart businesspeople understand that different directions are needed to reach the ultimate destination.


This is additionally complex and distracting when so many of the milestones you have set are so far in the future.


When pursuing the tasks on the Improvement Plan, never forget your true destination, and don’t confuse it with your direction today.

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