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Empowering Hospitality IT Leadership - Supported by Siemlus


Navigate the complexities of IT with confidence and expertise

Designed for senior leaders with responsibilities encompassing IT in their organisations, this online workshop offers a unique and tailored experience. Participants are encouraged to share their specific pain points before the session, allowing us to customise the second half of the workshop to address the unique needs of your business with targeted consultancy. Whether you're steering a legacy establishment or leading a tech-forward venture, this workshop equips you with the insights to drive strategic IT decisions and future-proof your business.


Key areas covered include demystifying IT terms and processes, making informed choices about IT investments, governance, and strategies that shape your organisation's future. You'll learn to ask insightful questions, challenge vendors, understand the importance of IT infrastructure and architecture, comprehend different IT roles for optimal collaboration, and appreciate IT's impact on business strategy and competitive advantage. Additionally, you'll harness IT to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, drive revenue growth, and ensure effective governance and risk management of IT initiatives.


By avoiding costly IT mistakes and reaping the rewards of informed decisions, you can prevent significant financial losses and operational disruptions. For instance, hotels that switch to a revenue management system (RMS) generally experience a RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) increase of up to 20%. Moreover, these systems streamline and automate manual workflows, saving between 20 to 40 hours per month.

 "The session was informative and valuable… the insight into suppliers was particularly good - the key suppliers and how they knit together into a tech stack... especially as IT in hospitality seems to be going through a stage of flux with new technology, M&A, and the work involved to migrate systems."

Andrew Easton

Managing Director

Beach Retreats

About Siemlus

As a leader in Service Integration & Management (SIAM), Siemlus brings a wealth of expertise in transforming the technology infrastructure of the hospitality industry.

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