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Sleeping Lion

Sleeping Lion is the brainchild of Sarah Duncan, who set up the agency in 2005 to provide business development and marketing consultancy. 

In 2019 her book, The Ethical Business Book, was published - a practical, non-preachy guide to business sustainability.

Through guest speaking, training, and consultancy, she now helps businesses understand the commercial and moral benefits of sustainable business practice (or ESG – environmental, social + governance).

This is not an eco-war on commerce. Making a profit is not a bad thing, it’s how you make the profit and what you do with it that matters. Sarah advises on how to make sustainability a genuine part of your business culture and day-to-day practice, not just a tick-box exercise (or race to be the ‘least bad’).

Her background is hospitality (hotels, membership marketing, and spa development), but over the years she has been involved in projects for many different companies and business sectors.

Why Sleeping Lion? Sarah believes it’s not about how busy you are, it’s about effectiveness: trying to avoid all the time-wasting trivia and focusing on the important stuff. A lion sleeps for over 18 hours a day, and yet is still the undisputed king of the beasts. It is the master of minimal effort, maximum return.

This is at the heart of Sleeping Lion – keeping things simple but having a big impact. When it comes to sustainable business practices, simplicity is also important. Transforming into a sustainable, environmentally conscious business can seem very daunting, but it is important to take it one step at a time. You’ll never achieve everything at once. Instead of being paralyzed by the sheer scale of the challenge, Sarah can help navigate you towards the paths with the biggest impact.

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