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Alliants launches contactless guest experience platform

The platform allows hoteliers to deliver a contactless experience and take a guest centric approach, both critical elements required to improve performance in the current environment. A new guest experience platform has been launched by Alliants to help hotels and residences easily communicate with guests before, during and after their stay. The platform combines messaging with concierge and powerful automation, to deliver exceptional contactless customer experiences. Reducing physical touchpoints The platform offers multiple benefits for hotels who are trying to reduce physical touchpoints and implement social distancing guidelines to avoid situations such as queuing at the front desk. 

  • Digital check in/out

  • Mobile room keys

  • Guest messaging

  • Digital itinerary

  • Time saving automation

  • Easy vendor management

  • Guest and staff app 

Enhancing the guest experience With the experience platform, guests can use their own devices and choice of social channels including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, SMS etc to communicate with the hotel in over 100 languages. Staff can instantly respond to guest requests and gain immediate freedom from the desk with the option of using a staff app. Personalised digital itineraries can be shared across the whole party to help deliver unique guest experiences and drive improvements in guest satisfaction. Increasing efficiencies A sad impact of the pandemic are the low levels of occupancy across the industry.  Hotels, restaurants and meeting spaces are having to do more with fewer resources making it more important than ever to automate repetitive and time consuming tasks. Time saving features include the use of human assisted chatbots that can respond to guests on their channel of choice, answering common questions or directing the guest to the right department prompting the next best suggested response with quick templates. Automated workflows can be created for standard tasks such as automatically sending confirmation of bookings, triggering service orders to deliver packages when customers arrive and also automate repetitive staff tasks such as sending guest confirmations, end of day processes to enable your staff to focus on the customer. Easy integration of a guests’ data from a hotels’ CMS/PMS, such as Opera, Infor, Protel and many more, will give staff an up-to-date single view of a guest without the need to update multiple systems when dealing with a request. Maximising revenue With social distancing implications and risk of localised lock downs, hotels will need to maximise existing revenue lines or create new revenue streams. Increased insights from the platform’s reporting features can help the concierge team fully understand guests preferences by being able to compare guest behaviours against market, segment and property. No charge until 2021 Alliants are offering their support to hotels and residences by giving access to the Alliants Experience Platform at no cost until the end of the year with no strings attached. A property can be up and running in less than 2 days and all training and installation can be done remotely. "Alliants Experience Platform allows hoteliers to deliver a contactless experience and take a guest centric approach, both critical elements required to improve performance in the current environment. With no charge and no commitments until 2021 we hope hoteliers can benefit from the platform that has been developed by a team that has unrivalled experience in delivering exceptional customer experiences."  said Tristan Gadsby, Alliants CEO. About Alliants Alliants have helped some of the world's most respected luxury hotel, travel and retail brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. Founded in 2009, we have built industry changing technology solutions, including award winning mobile apps and chat applications. Millions of users around the globe use our technology including Four Seasons, Jumeirah and Emirates Holidays. For more information or a demo, please contact or call +44 (0) 7740 411033


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