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Annapurna Adventure Approaches

In just 25 days, Debra Adams, Head of Professional Development at HOSPA, embarks upon her Annapurna adventure. Debra, alongside 21 other participants, will trek across the Annapurna region in Nepal in aid of the Springboard Charity. The group of trekkers are hoping to raise a grand total of £100,000 for the charity to support its work within the UK and also to develop a similar legacy in Nepal.

Commencing on the 1st March 2014, the 10 day trip will challenge the group of intrepid trekkers to 83km in distance, 2540m in height and 28 hours of walking time. If this wasn't enough of a challenge, with the Annapurna region comprising of the wettest, driest and windiest areas of Nepal, as well as temperatures reaching freezing at nightfall, the trekkers will also have to face the harsh climate.

Walking for five days of the trip, trekkers will spend the remaining time volunteering at Shree Mahendra Bal Lower Secondary School, which has been substantially damaged by a recent earthquake and also flooding. Over the course of three days, the trekkers will work alongside the local community on a project to rebuild three classrooms. Speaking about the community project, Debra commented:

“The main objective is to improve the lives of other people and the environment in a meaningful and sustainable way. Each project is jointly run with the community, encouraging ownership of the project at the local level and transferring skills to the local community, which assists in the long-term continuity of the project.”

As well as contributing to the labour force of the community project, the trekkers will have the opportunity to share their experiences with Nepali youths and offer advice to those that have an interest in a career within the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Anne Pierce, the CEO of Springboard, is participating in the trek and commented:

“I've seen a number of this type of event, but never one that challenges the participants in such a way and delivers the opportunity to work with Nepali youths – we’ll truly be helping to share the message around the globe that the UK hospitality industry is amongst the very best in the world.”

The Springboard Charity promotes the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry as a sustainable and rewarding employer. Through the provision of careers advice, mentoring, training schemes and work placement opportunities, Springboard helps young and disadvantaged people within the UK to achieve employment in the industry.

As well as raising funds for this excellent work with UK individuals, money raised from the trek will be used to develop a similar training programme in Nepal to benefit young people and the local tourism industry.

Please dig deep and support the Springboard Charity by sponsoring Debra for her Nepal Trek at  All donations are greatly appreciated. Follow Debra’s preparations for the trek via her blog  Debra’s Mountainous Challenge.

To find out more about the Springboard Charity and their work throughout the UK, please visit their website  Read the stories of just a few of those helped by Springboard here.


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