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Doing More With Less

With staff shortages continuing to challenge hospitality businesses, the reality for many is having to operate with fewer employees whilst needing them to be more productive and consistently deliver.

Hotel cash management processes in particular are impacted by a 24/7 operating model with multiple shift changes. Hotels also manage shared till processes and/or multiple cash floats which create multiple balance and reconciliation steps.

Having efficient and streamlined cash management processes is crucial. Not only to reduce the significant time, resources, and costs related to staff managing cash, but an efficient cash management process is vital for improving operational efficiency, increasing productivity, and enhancing the guest experience.

What’s the Solution?

One area where hotels can support staff is by using automation, reducing the complex, repetitive and time-consuming tasks employees face around handling cash.

When used strategically, automation technology can transform a hotel’s staffing and operations model, delivering immediate impact to a hotel’s financial operations.

From Front of House, to Back office, to Head Office, cash automation can be used to deliver improved financial control, efficiency, and visibility across a hotel.

Reducing complex and time-consuming tasks such as cash handling, hotels can give their full attention to their guests and focus on the customer experience.

How Can Your Staff Deliver More?

Read our eBook and discover how automation can truly help with staff shortages and support employees in delivering more with less.

Drop by Glory’s stand - no.16 - at the HOSPACE Conference on 16th Nov and find out more about how our solutions can help you reduce cashiers cash handling time by 50% and reduce your hotel cash float by up to 38%.


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