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Far from a maddening crowd

HOSPA CEO Jane Pendlebury looks forward to an events season

bringing people and organisations together.

As everything begins to return to normal and we readjust to getting on the train, faceto-

face meetings and social activities, the HOSPA team have formalisedthe plans for HOSPACE this year. The date (18th November) and the venue (Royal Lancaster London) remain the same. We have tweaked a few aspects to recognise the impact of COVID on hospitality, but we are delighted to be going ahead in a similar format to our 2019 event.

Another decision we have taken this year is to partner with Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), which many of you will be familiar with. HTNG is an US-based, global association which has recently joined up with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA, oh all these acronyms).

Typically, HTNG would have a European event but given the pandemic and its knock-on effect on international travel, it made the decision not to run its own gathering this year, giving us an opportunity for a shared event. It will be streamed for the benefit of our international delegates, which will allow our sponsors and exhibitors to connect further and wider than in previous years.

The sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are just being fine tuned and will be available by the time you are reading this! Please take a look at HOSPACE.ORG for further details.

One of the other big changes we have made is for our operator members. Anyone who is a member and is working in a senior operational role will be invited free of charge to the conference this year. The HOSPA team and the board are enormously conscious of current cashflow demands so are pleased to be able to offer this complimentary offer for HOSPACE 2021.

I know many of you are regulars on our series of webinars and masterclasses and we appreciate your dedication. The debate on the ethics of revenue management with Michael Heyward and Sarah Duncan certainly hit the spot at the end of May. We had many questions and comments as we delved into the rights and wrongs of dynamic pricing and overbooking. Have a listen – it is available on the HOSPA website.

On 10 June we will be hosting BDO’s annual finance update, which is always well-attended and rich in knowledge and information. Accountants particularly value the event, but increasingly we are seeing other team members tune in too. The team at BDO have a knack of demystifying the intricacies of finance. With real life examples, even those not involved in finance benefit from BDO’s update. Give it a go – I don’t think you will be disappointed.

As I write this, the sun is shining, the rain of recent weeks is becoming a memory and the future is looking bright. I hope it is similar for all of you – we have been through a lot together so let’s relish the good times together too. And let’s keep our fingers firmly crossed for a smooth reopening on the 21st June!

Jane Pendlebury HOSPA CEO


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