Highlights of HITEC

We are running a HITEC Update meeting on the evening of Thursday 12th September in conjunction with Keystep in London, so Andrew and I will give you a more detailed report then. One of the most fascinating sessions was one on the next big industry threat, which (no, not Brexit) apparently revolves around the tech giants that are Google, Amazon et al, and - on a lesser scale - the currently popular OTAs. I can also update you with the global opinions on the chances of Chatbots taking over hotels and let you know what seems to be stealing the show on new product innovation. From the keynote speech, I will alert you to what we really need to worry about in the future and ask if you are working for a banana plantation or a rain forest? That might sound slightly off topic here, but, really, it will make sense! It was a week of sunshine in Minneapolis, until the day HITEC closed and the heavens opened. So, I came home to sunny England…for the weekend at least!

Somewhere where the sun always shines though is Edinburgh. Well, that’s what the locals said, anyway. Helen Marshall and I travelled to Edinburgh on the train at the end of June for a members’ meeting with our sponsors and friends at Criton. We took the east coast route and we were both amazed at the scenery. I think the amazing June sun certainly helped, but even so the views were spectacular, so I’d certainly recommend taking the train to Edinburgh if you find yourself contemplating modes of transport when heading north of the border.