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How flowers could benefit your overall workplace wellbeing

Flowers bring colour, scent, and joy to all aspects of life, which is why at FLOWERBX, we understand the impact that immersing yourself in nature can have on your well-being in the workplace, or for those visiting yours. From mood-boosting arrangements placed in your hotel lobby to understanding how flowers encourage a sense of calm for your guests, let’s explore the possibilities of adding the floral touch to your space.

The link between flowers and wellness

Beautiful to look at, you could be mistaken that flowers are solely easy on the eye. But did you know, having flowers in your venue or hotel is actually proven to have long-term positive effects on your mood, too? In a study highlighted by the Society of American Florists, results found that those who surround themselves with flowers on a regular basis had a higher sense of enjoyment and overall life satisfaction, as well as noted lessened feelings of anxiety after they’d received a beautiful bunch of blooms. Even more reasons to fill your space with flowers to help your guests feel at home!

The three ways flowers boost your well-being: scent, colour, and memory

The answer to boosting your own well-being with flowers – and that of your guests – could be as simple as choosing some classic fragranced varieties. Flowers are an evocative force, conjuring up emotion through aroma and colour. The link between scent and memory is triggered by an automatic response, meaning that many of us feel instantly relaxed and calm when met by a flower that has a scent tied to a fond memory. Choose seasonal favourites to build instant connection with guests, colleagues, and customers.

Bright, bold shades of florals are also natural well-being boosters, helping to soothe low moods – particularly in the winter months when we are craving a little more colour inside the walls of our venues. Adding cut flowers to your dining spaces acts as a gentle reminder of the brighter spring days that await, even when skies are grey and there is little vibrancy outdoors!

The benefits of spending time with nature

Growing, arranging, and spending time with flowers is a form of therapy that is accessible to all. Finding a moment of mindfulness – whether it is hand arranging a bouquet, admiring a floral display in your hotel lobby, or simply adding a few stems to each hotel room – offers a range of mental wellness benefits. In particular, getting hands on with styling flowers can help guests reconnect with nature, so vase arranging or wreath making is the perfect workshop or event for smaller groups of guests.

Which varieties of flowers will boost your well-being?

Spring brights

Let colour boost your well-being – as well as that of your guests and colleagues! – with a range of bright and cheery spring flowers. Favourites include colour-pop tulips and ruffled ranunculus in shades of yellow, pink, purple, and red.

Fragrant florals

Now is the perfect time to fill your lobby, front desk, tables, or rooms with a spring-like scent to boost even those rainy days. Narcissus, daffodils, and hyacinths are all popular spring flowers that will fill your surroundings with a sweet fragrance that will endlessly brighten moods.

Air purifiers

Although not strictly flowers, there are huge benefits of having flowering varieties of plants in workplace, too. The addition of greenery can often help aid respiratory issues, cleanse toxic pollutants in the air, and bring a sense of calm to almost any environment. Peace lilies are a great example of this, should you still be looking for a dose of floral elegance.


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