Rebuild & Reinspire Hospitality Recruitment Summit | Session 2: Retain

Harri hosted the Rebuild & Reinspire Hospitality Recruitment Summit, a virtual event comprising three sessions that directly addressed the ongoing staffing crisis in the hospitality industry.

In the second session, Tom Howes, Product & Service Design Lead at Harri, met with Ann Elliott, Founder of Ann Elliott Hospitality Consultancy, Adam Harwood, Head of Learning and Development at D&D London, Ceri Gott, People and Performance Director at Hawksmoor, and Hayley Connor, Head of People and Learning at Brewhouse & Kitchen to discuss how to retain employees during the pandemic.

Below, we share some of the highlights from the session, where our panel described their experiences, ideas, and solutions to retain staff.

Designing the employee experience

Tom Howes kicked off the afternoon with a presentation, during which he talked about the dreaded 90-day employee retention problem and its impact on businesses and revenue.

The presentation included a survey showing, 43% of workers said their job description wasn't accurate, and cited this as one of the reasons they left within the first 90 days. What’s more, XpertHR found that 60% of people don’t read their employee handbook, so it’s obvious that we need to think differently about how we connect with our teams.

Setting expectations from the outset

Whether they’re returning staff or brand-new hires, hospitality operators need to set clear expectations with all of their employees.

Adam Harwood from D&D London believes this should take place before the onboarding process even begins, by creating transparent job descriptions and ensuring candidates understand their responsibilities right from the start.