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Streamlining Hotel Payments: Euronet Merchant Services' PaybyLink solution partners with Prommt

In the fast-paced world of modern hospitality, managing customer payments can be a challenging endeavour. Hotels often face compliance requirements, the risk of data breaches, and the vulnerability to fraud and chargebacks. Additionally, customers may feel uncomfortable sharing their sensitive details over the phone. To address these concerns, Euronet Merchant Services has partnered with Prommt to provide an innovative payment solution that not only reduces risks but also delivers an elegant and secure payment experience consistent with the hotel's brand identity.

Understanding our PayByLink solution:

Euronet Merchant Services' PaybyLink solution is acutting-edge payment method that empowers hotels to send payment links directly to their guests. This approach simplifies the payment process, making it seamless and hassle-free for both guests and hotel staff. By integrating this solution into their existing payment systems, hotels can provide guests with a secure and convenient way to settle bills, make reservations, and process additional services.

The advantages for hotels:

Instant card payments and enhanced security

PaybyLink enables hotels with the ability to accept instant card payments securely. By implementing this solution, hotels can significantly reduce the risk of card fraud and chargebacks. The platform offers a 3D secure checkout, ensuring that payment requests are authenticated, minimizing exposure to potential fraud.

• Streamlined Remote Payment Experience

A sophisticated and tailor-made solution for mid-to-large enterprises with seamless integration into Oracle OPERA v5, Cloud, and other ERPs. Reservation staff can effortlessly send requests directly from the platform, simplifying payment processes for guests and staff alike.

• Optimised payment success rates

Hotels can optimize payment success rates by setting up payment chase paths. The platform's rich reporting and alerting capabilities offer valuable insights and simplify financial management for multiple users and locations.

• Customization and Branding: Our end-to-end branding capabilities, allow hotels to present a personalized payment experience to their guests. Customized payment links with 3D secure checkout options ensure that guests feel secure and comfortable during transactions.

• Compliance and Data Protection:

Euronet Merchant Services' PaybyLink solution adheres to stringent data protection protocols ensuring hotels remain compliant with PCI Level 1 standards, GDPR, UK Data Protection Act 2018, and other local regulations.

Key features for efficient operations:

Built for Teams: our platform supports multiple users and geographic locations, enabling efficient centralized management without sharing sensitive logins.

Autocharge: this feature provides a secure and convenient solution for stored card payments, ensuring certainty over event deposits and final balances.

Group Send: ideal for credit control, Group Send minimizes payment administration by streamlining outstanding payment follow-ups.

Recurring Payments: simplifies managing personalized payment plans and recurring payments for guest memberships.

By choosing Euronet Merchant Services' PaybyLink solution in partnership with Prommt, hotels can provide an elevated and seamless payment experience, while reducing risks associated with card fraud, chargebacks, and compliance issues. Embracing innovation in remote payments empowers hotels to thrive in the competitive landscape while ensuring utmost security and customer satisfaction.

Like to Learn More? Get directly in touch with Zara Shepherd, Head of Partnerships and sales from Euronet Merchant Services at or visit our website at:


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