Tips and Service Charges in the UK and USA – Clearing the Fog

With expert input from professional practitioners, HOSPA has produced a practical guide to Tips, Gratuities, Service Charges and Troncs for the UK Hospitality Industry.

This guide is available as a free download or a hard copy can be purchased via the HOSPA Shop.

It covers explanations of the terminology and details of the range of regulations, practices, options and consequences that affect UK hospitality businesses.

There has always been a big gap between perception and reality with this subject.  The fact that there are no standard practices and differing if well-intentioned interpretations, inhibits progress towards developing an acceptable solution for all parties.  Coupled with often conflicting tax and pay regulations, an ideal situation can only happen if the industry works together with the tax authorities and government to create a more level playing-field.

In the short term there might be winners and losers, but there is a growing necessity for the industry to rid itself of negative and outdated practices if it is to be able to compete for its growing workforce’s needs in a rapidly shrinking employment market.

The HOSPA guide provides essential factual information for decision making and formulating policies.  This will facilitate development of best practices that recognis