Why hotels are still learning from the airlines – who take another step ahead…

and why real hospitality still works in hotels

A traveller’s guest experience in hotels and airlines while travelling to HITEC in USA.

I stayed in a hotel in Boston (a very nice one via Expedia who managed to offer me a 4/5 Star Hotel for three nights and save me £100 versus a well-known major hotel group via their Loyalty Club staying at 3 / 4 star hotel in a worse location – but that is another issue…see 'Flash Sales' separately).

This hotel, in Financial District, was nice despite the lobby refurbishment. I had to pay extra for my wi-fi – again another debate.

I wanted to watch the Spain vs. France game on ESPN2, listed as Channel 18 on the Hotel TV System. When I tuned into this it was showing a French TV Channel. I phoned down to complain – was kept waiting by reception for 15 minutes (busy check-in apparently) at which point I went downstairs where they were now chatting as they had cleared the arrivals but still had me on hold…

They promised to send a maintenance man up to check that I had indee