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Win one of fifteen HOSPA Career Investment Development Scholarships 2015

Sponsored by Fourteen IP, and an unrivalled opportunity to be noticed by top hospitality industry leaders at HOSPACE 2015!

Win one of fifteen HOSPA Career Investment Development Scholarships 2015, sponsored by Fourteen IP, and an unrivalled opportunity to be noticed by top hospitality industry leaders at HOSPACE 2015!

New for 2015, HIT Scotland to offer 5 HOSPA Career Scholarships

HOSPA – the Association that provides unparalleled support for hospitality’s Finance, Revenue Management and IT professionals with career development, networking and keeping up-dated with industry trends and developments – is delighted to invite applications for its popular annual HOSPA Career, and Future Career, Investment Development Scholarships, sponsored by Fourteen IP.

Indeed, a record 15 HOSPA Career Investment Development Scholarships are up for grabs this year, allowing the lucky winners to learn from, and be recognised by, senior members of the hospitality industry at HOSPA’s highly acclaimed annual HOSPACE 2015 Conference and Exhibition on 26 November at the Sofitel London Heathrow, Terminal 5.

The HOSPA Career Development Scholarships have proved so successful that this year, for the first time, HIT Scotland (Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland) – whose mission is “assisting people to achieve their potential within Scottish hospitality” – is offering five HOSPA Career Development Scholarships of their own to Scotland’s talented 30 year-olds or under, studying or working in hospitality finance, revenue management and IT.

“The opportunities that the Career Development Scholarships will offer are immense,” said David Cochrane, Chief Executive of HIT Scotland. “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with HOSPA to achieve similar aims – namely, developing the emerging talent of our industry with the support of the leading experts in their chosen fields.  Our HIT Scholars will learn from the best and this, in turn, will help their businesses with new thinking and innovations.”

The 2015 HOSPA Scholarship Awards will afford the 15 lucky winners an unrivalled opportunity to be noticed and publicly recognised for their outstanding achievements in the work place and the classroom. Their prizes will comprises a full day's attendance at HOSPA's HOSPACE 2015 – on 26 November; places at the Conference Dinner where their achievements will be recognised; and being individually featured in the Conference Edition of the monthly HOSPA journal, The Overview.

“We are delighted that HIT Scotland is offering five HOSPA Career Development Scholarships of its own to attend HOSPACE 2015,” said HOSPA Chief Executive Carl Weldon. “It is vitally important to attract talented young people from all corners of the UK, and develop their skills in the rewarding key disciplines of hospitality finance, revenue management and IT. Successful candidates will find it a golden opportunity for networking with senior members of the hospitality industry, sharing knowledge and attending our ‘BIZTEC’ education workshops on future business best practice.

“In addition to the HOSPA scholarships offered by HIT Scotland, HOSPA is delighted to announce ‘Career Investment Development Scholarship’ opportunities for five upcoming young people, 30 years old and under on 30 October 2015, working in hospitality finance, revenue management and IT; and ‘Future Career Investment Development Scholarships’ for five aspiring final-year hospitality students, who have excelled in their current studies, and are planning to start their hospitality industry careers in Autumn 2016. Candidates must be nominated accordingly by senior members of the industry and course leaders. (See Notes to Editors for entry criteria)

“HOSPACE 2015 is the largest and most prestigious annual gathering of like-minded hospitality practitioners in the UK – providing information, education and inspiration that will leave a lasting impression on the 15 lucky scholarship winners.”

The closing date for nominations is 30 October 2015. All candidates will be notified before 13 November. The nomination forms for Career Investment Development Scholarships and Future Career Investment Development Scholarships can be downloaded from: . HOSPACE 2015 details can be found on

Neil Tolley – Managing Director of Fourteen IP, sponsor of HOSPACE 2015 and HOSPA Career Investment Development scholarships – said: "Fourteen IP is delighted once again to be a major sponsor of HOSPACE, not only providing the general sponsorship for this key Industry event, but also providing support for these young people and their Career and Future Career Scholarships at HOSPACE 2015. This ties in with Fourteen IP's commitment to the HP Apprentice scheme in the technology area of hospitality.

“At HOSPACE 2015, we will be also hosting a table-top exhibit, where delegates can view Fourteen IP's Evolution Family of products in action. Indeed, Fourteen IP, in partnership with Aruba, will be providing WiFi for the event, fronted by the company's own Evolution Gateway solution. Plus, of course, we will be providing special technology prizes at HOSPACE 2015 and its Gala Dinner.

Notes to Editors:

Criteria for HOSPA Career Investment Development Scholarship applications:

  • Candidates must be 30 years or younger on 30 October 2015

  • Candidates must be employed in a hospitality organisation working in finance, revenue management or IT

  • Candidates must have been working in the industry for a minimum of twelve months

  • Only one application per company

  • Applications must be accompanied by a CV and letter outlining why the candidate should be considered

  • Candidates must be nominated by senior members of the hospitality industry.

The closing date for nominations is 30 October 2015. All candidates will be notified before 13 November 2015.


HOSPA (Hospitality Professionals Association for Finance, Revenue Management and IT) is a non-profit educational organisation which has evolved from BAHA (British Association of Hospitality Accountants) which was formed in 1969. The aim of HOSPA is to bring together those hospitality industry professionals involved in Financial Management, Revenue Management and IT. Whereas BAHA has been recognised as the UK"s authoritative voice in the hospitality industry on financial management, technical accounting issues, taxation, and hotel valuation, HOSPA now is additionally the leading arena for debate on hotel systems and Revenue Management topics through their annual Conference and meetings programmes. The membership has expanded to nearly 1,100 members. HOSPA – which has provided an industry specific, hospitality focused programme in Financial Management for over 23 years – has recently introduced a similar programme for Revenue Management. For more information, visit:

For further information:

Jane Scott - HOSPA Programmes Coordinator - Tel: 01202 889 430 - Fax: 01202 887 967 - -


Dr Julian Demetriadi FIH PhD, Director, CommunicationsPoint -Tel: 01722 238 627  - iPhone: 07585 505309 -


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