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A Guide to the Use and Interpretation of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry by:  Howard Field FCA FHOSPA FIH

‘A welcome and helpful guide from HOSPA supporting the international hotel industry’s operational accounting standard. It is useful not only to hospitality financial and operations managers but also to owners, asset managers, auditors and other external advisors. A valuable training and teaching tool.’
Stuart Collins - Partner, BDO'

If you have to prepare, read or refer to hotel operating management accounts or financial agreements you may have heard of the Uniform System and, if not, then maybe you should know more about it. The Uniform System is described as an industry-specific responsibility accounting system. The guide complements the Eleventh Edition of the USALI from  2014 (now published by HFTP) and is an essential tool for international users and readers to:


* Understand the formats, terminology and features, especially the changes from earlier editions
* Point out aspects of relevance to those who produce hotel accounts
* Aid specialists involved in drafting and interpreting agreements referring to the Uniform System
* Assist with training of accountants and non-accountants
* Illustrate how statistics are used for monitoring and benchmarking performance
* Provide explanations for those concerned with monitoring compliance.


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HOSPA: USALI Guide (v11)

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