Professional Development

Professional Development can be defined as

 ''a structured approach to maintaining knowledge, skills and qualifications for your professional career"

HOSPA offers members the opportunity to take charge of their professional development with access to a variety of courses and resources:

  • Access to current and past editions of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management

  • Ebook collection featuring Revenue and Financial Management

  • Monthly Journal

  • Regular publications and updates

  • Programmes of study in Asset Management, Financial Management and Revenue Management

Resources can be found in the Members Portal.


If you would like further information, please contact the Professional Development Team by emailing or click on one of the programme links below.

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What our learners say

What our learners say

Read what some of our learners, past and present, have to say about their experience of

studying with HOSPA and how the courses have helped them ...

Financial management:

"The HOSPA Financial Management course is one of the best things I have done and was definitely worth it.  The course tutors were fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to progress in hospitality finance.  


The course was a huge help in fully understanding the many different processes within the Finance Department, tailoring them to the hospitality sector.  This included many things such as forecasting techniques, the budget process, understanding KPI’s and ratio analysis to name but a few.  All of which were extremely important and the knowledge learned is used on a frequent basis.  


The course explains not just in a way for you to understand but also gives you the knowledge to explain things to non-financial colleagues in ways that they understand, which is a huge benefit to the hotel as a whole so that they can understand the importance of decisions and relevance it has to the business.”

Matthew Bennett, Financial Controller, Derbyshire Hotel, Countrywide Hotels

Revenue management:

“I am pulling ideas from the course that are helping input knowledge into my team as there are some great examples of why we need to do things a certain way and by seeing it in practice it helps with the understanding.


Though my background is predominantly events and reservations, I am looking to use the added knowledge to look at the different areas on the estate and within each business to see how my skills can help develop each area.”

Zena Carter, Revenue Manager, Farncombe Estate

Learner Profiles:

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