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Hospitality is a wonderful industry and at HOSPA, we champion it. Living and breathing the sector, we know and appreciate the immense rewards on offer when working in a hospitality role.


That can’t be said for everyone, though.


Many see hospitality merely as a stop gap. A short-term job to support them whilst aiming for alternative long-term plans.


We need to change this perception.


Hospitality should be a long-term plan.


Very few industries offer its level of progression and its level of opportunity.


You can start on the lowest rung of the career ladder and reach the very top, while the skills learnt along the way are transferable, wide-ranging, and appreciated in every country around the world.


We know this, of course, but more people need to know this, and we want to help project this to the uninitiated. And where better to educate people than at school?

We want those who work in our industry to celebrate their achievements by reaching out to their old school – or perhaps schools local to them – to highlight how they’ve succeeded in the hospitality industry. To explain how it’s opened up doors for them to provide a meaningful and worthwhile career and how the next generations can follow suit.


If that sounds like something you can help with, please, fill in the form below and sign up to share your success.


We’ll provide a template letter to share with your school to make the introduction.


Help us spread the news that hospitality is a fantastic career, and let’s encourage others to join us.

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Which schools/colleges did you attend
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