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Dataplan Hospitality is a leading managed payroll provider with specialist expertise in working with businesses in the hospitality sector.

We take the hassle and pain out of payroll by providing a fully managed service. You provide us with your employee information, and we calculate and process your payroll, making sure it is fully compliant and then pay your staff. Simple.

Why should you trust us?

Dataplan has been around since 1969, so we know a thing or two about payroll. We act for 1000's businesses, including businesses of all sizes in the hospitality sector from small independently owned cafes to national restaurant chains, from hotel management companies to fast-food franchises.

We also recognise that all payrolls are not equal and that there are specific challenges surrounding payrolls in the hospitality sector that general payroll bureaus may not be equipped to deal with, including;

  • Short payroll turnarounds

  • Multiple payroll cycles

  • Peaks and troughs of staffing levels due to seasonality

  • High staff turnover

  • Zero-hours contracts

  • Casual and non-UK nationals

  • Complex tax scenarios

  • Multi-site issues and payroll consolidation

  • National Minimum and Living wage monitoring

Specialist Tronc Service

One of the most significant changes in recent years is how tips and gratuities are handled. COVID has driven the move towards cashless tips, and this has caused headaches for many establishments on how to process these tips in a fair way that doesn't incur National Insurance costs. The answer is a correctly set up Tronc scheme.

Dataplan Hospitality also provides a range of Tronc services through its Troncmaster brand, including consultancy and advice, Tronc scheme set up and acting as your Troncmaster.

For more information about our payroll or Tronc services, call or visit

Payroll 03331 123456

Troncs 03331 122610

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