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Keystep Solutions

  • Keystep Opendoor: The latest generation contactless electronic locks for the hospitality sector

  • RFID: Contactless keycard locks that meet all statutory safety standards

  • Mobile: Encoding guests Smartphones to gain door entry

Keystep Solutions are providers of the latest generation contactless electronic locks for the hospitality sector.

Traditional electronic door locking systems can be expensive to maintain, magnetic strips wear out, cards need replacing, and replacement locks can be costly.  Keystep’s Opendoor solution offers greater functionality over traditional locking systems, at a fraction of the cost, providing a real alternative.

Whether the requirement is for a new install or retrofit to replace old locking systems, Opendoor provides a selection of door handles to suit.  Built to last and meeting or exceeding all statutory safety standards, our keycard locks are self-contained so require no external wiring. Guests can be assured, in case of an emergency, the door can be opened from inside at all times.

Regardless of whether your preference is to have contactless RFID card technology, or choose to use Smartphone technology to enable guest entry, full onsite maintenance is included as standard for the first year, and available as an annual service plan thereafter.


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Keystep Limited

6 Heron Court




Tel: 08443 510805

Fax: 0870 1231917


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Sponsor Type:  Silver

Industry:  Hospitality Door Locking

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