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Eproductive provides technological solution to age-old challenges around young workers' compliance

The Headland Hotel is a stunning property on a clifftop overlooking Fistral Beach in Newquay, with incredible views of the ocean from its deluxe suites. From 1979, the hotel’s owners have been John and Carolyn Armstrong.

Their daughter, Veryan Palmer, and her husband Richard, have been Directors since 2020 and 2021 respectively.

The property is comprised of 86 five-star bedrooms in the hotel, a gym, a spa, a six-pool Aqua Club, three restaurants and a five-star village with 39 cottages. Ensuring that all of these amenities are at their luxurious best are 250 employees, aged 14 to 86.

The Headland prides itself on giving young people the opportunity to gain some work experience through a ‘Headland Summer Placement Scheme’, offering roles to staff aged 14-16.

An issue businesses of all kinds come across when employing young people is the rules surrounding them, due to both government and local council regulations. Quite rightly, there are limits on when and for how long young people can work, but these limits can make it difficult to manage employees under the age of 18.

The challenges of overseeing the rostering of young workers compelled The Headland to raise the subject with the Eproductive team who provide their people management system, EPS. They asked if EPS could provide some support and Eproductive were keen to help.

Working in partnership with The Headland, Eproductive constructed an entire framework for managing young workers, embedding the legislated rules around employees aged under 18 in the system so that department heads and managers can ensure year-round compliance.

Since the implementation of the new framework, The Headland has seen a notable improvement in the ease of compliance, as the system prompts department heads to adjust their planned rotas in the case of breaking a rule. By giving the schedulers advance notice of any issues around young workers’ hours, the functionality has enabled them to be adaptable and flexible in the pursuit of full compliance.

HR Manager Zoe Rowe said: “The new young workers development provided by Eproductive has been fantastic for The Headland. Having the rules in the system means the heads of departments can check the hours they’re inputting for young workers and allows them to make any changes necessary to ensure the hours are compliant.”

Jocelyn Wilkinson, Finance Assistant, said: “We’re really impressed by and grateful for the work Eproductive has done around young workers – they’ve further enhanced their excellent EPS system.”

The Headland is the pilot site for this new development which will be made available to all EPS clients should they request it. Veryan Palmer, Director, said: “We’re incredibly proud that The Headland was able to support Eproductive with this new feature, and to be the first property in the UK to have this functionality. The teams love the visibility it provides around young workers employment rules, and the monitoring of compliance has been made significantly simpler.”


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