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HOSPA CEO Carl Weldon looks forward to HOSPACE 2015

And discusses why we must invest in the future and support those in the sector today

Education, Education, Education

It is that time of year and HOSPACE 2015 is almost upon us. Later in this edition you can read the full line-up and all the topics which will be covered - it’s not too late to submit questions via Twitter and, of course, on the day.

Attendees can also pick from 20 workshops on a really varied programme across Finance, Technology and Revenue Management - from an international array of presenters including for the Finance professionals Arlene Ramirez - President of HFTP on the USALI 11th Edition and the Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices project.

The listing and programme of topics can be found on

We at HOSPA like to encourage younger people to experience all this - and so a few years ago we crated scholarships for younger people to attend HOSPACE for FREE. Up to 15 of them. But these people need to be nominated by you - yes you - in the industry, so pick up the phone or drop us an email.

We already have the Student winners – but we are still waiting for nominations for those 30 years or younger working in the industry in Revenue Management, Technology or Finance - the Career Investment Scholarship. We call it that because that’s what it does – invests in the career of a younger person in hospitality.

Now by nature those in RM, Technology and Finance are all busy and also a bit shy and reluctant about recognition - but come on - let’s nominate some deserving younger people please (they don’t have to be working with you - they can be someone you have encountered in the industry) and then let’s give them a proper feel for the sector at HOSPACE.

But you need to nominate them and fast. There is a form here - - or you could just call us and tell us about them. Time’s ticking on, so let's get on with it…

You can contribute to that person becoming better equipped with knowledge and education – to better help fight off the threat from the OTAs and Airbnb, or implement the USALI, create a digital strategy, choose the best PMS or Wi-FI for your hotel. The list is as endless as their potential.

We also celebrate our Awards Lunch on 17th December, celebrating the three HOSPA Professionals of the Year Awards.

The awards are a chance for you to have a colleague or client recognised for their expertise, dedication and commitment. If you’ve know or nominated someone who has won then you will know what a wonderful feeling it is for everyone concerned.

One of my favourite tasks each year is researching the individuals that have won. I have to find out about them professionally and personally from their peers and colleagues and it is always uplifting to then reveal their stories… and their quirks. But one thing which unites them all is their dedication.

But some of these worthy people will not win. Maybe someone you know. Why? Because they have not been nominated. So I ask you. Are you really too busy to spend half an hour or less nominating someone who has done a tremendous job either working for you, with you or even maybe been your boss? If they win we will get them to our Awards Lunch at the Marriott Grosvenor Square on Thursday 17th December and recognise them in front of the industry and the world (our awards are covered worldwide).

The criteria for all three awards are:

• Have an exemplary track record

• Are willing to train and lead their staff

• Are totally dedicated to the hospitality industry, with the intention of remaining in the profession

• Can demonstrate strong attention to detail

• Can keep abreast of current codes of practice

• Must be a Finance or Technology or Revenue Management professional

• Command respect within the hospitality sector and wider business community

They are the same for all three categories but differentiated by the roles they are in.

Surely you know someone like this?

We in Finance, Technology and Revenue Management sometimes believe we are just those in the background "getting on with it" and wonder why we are not valued as much as those on the front line.

So here is our chance to recognise and celebrate our profession(s). But you need to actually take action. Don't be shy. Don't be quiet. Let’s give the HOSPA Communities some real decisions to make by nominating some really great professionals in the industry.


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