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IRIS mobile dining delivers staff efficiencies at London Marriott Hotel County Hall with 97% guest uptake

With 97% of all F&B in-room orders now being processed digitally with IRIS mobile dining, the luxury London hotel has saved resources and increased profitability

The historic 5-star London Marriott Hotel County Hall, nestled on the iconic South Bank, partners with IRIS, the leading provider of mobile F&B and guest experience platforms to enhance guest experiences, increase F&B spend and streamline operations. With 262 rooms, suites, a gym, and an indoor pool, the hotel is renowned for its proximity to London landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge.

Embracing the future of hospitality

In response to the growing trend for mobile dining, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall has revolutionised its in-room dining experience with IRIS’ user-friendly mobile dining app, allowing guests to seamlessly browse menus, customise orders, and enjoy the convenience of digital ordering. And with 97% of all in-room dining orders now being processed digitally, the hotel is enjoying significant cost savings and process improvements.

Rui Tavares, the hotel’s F&B Manager added, "The widespread adoption of mobile dining highlights its immense popularity among our guests. This not only enhances our operational efficiency, leading to significant resource savings, but also consistently boosts our F&B revenue through the steady rise in order volume and guest spend each month."

Streamlining operations and increasing guest spend

The streamlined and efficient ordering process has delivered a 17% year-on-year growth in F&B revenue and higher guest spending, attributed to increased digital guest engagement and the visually appealing digital menu.

The app's user-friendly and flexible interface enables the hotel team to regularly update menu items, ensuring a diverse range of choices for guests.

With orders going straight to the kitchen, this in turn has significantly reduced the workload for the hotel's staff, resulting in reduced payroll expenses and increased profitability.

Graham Rushin, VP Sales and Marketing at IRIS, added, “We’re delighted that IRIS’ innovative solutions has been able to provide guests at London Marriott Hotel County Hall with a seamless, enjoyable digital experience that aligns with the convenience and expectations of the modern traveller.

Additionally, the introduction of timeslots for orders has improved delivery times, managed guest expectations during peak hours, and allowed for timely pre-ordering options.”

With their enviable location, IRIS’ digital guest directory enables the hotel to provide guests with a comprehensive guide to hotel amenities and local attractions, enhancing the overall guest experience. Furthermore, the removal of paper menus and brochures from all 262 rooms has not only saved significant printing costs but also complies with the hotel's sustainability initiatives.


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