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Shiji's Enterprise Platform Powers Peninsula Hotels into the Future of Luxury Hospitality

Multiple Peninsula Hotels have implemented the Shiji Enterprise Platform to improve operational efficiency and significantly enhance the guest experience.

Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, announced the comprehensive and rapid implementation of its next-generation PMS, sitting upon the Shiji Enterprise Platform, across multiple Peninsula Hotels. This significant transition marks a new chapter in a longstanding, 25-year partnership between Shiji and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels (HSH), reaffirming their mutual commitment to technological innovation and exceptional service.

The long-term relationship with The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels has culminated in this groundbreaking moment, characterized by over a quarter of a century of experience and various collaborations around the globe. In the last seven years, both companies have jointly invested in the HSH 'One PMS' project. This initiative was integrated into what is now known as the Shiji Enterprise Platform, the foundation upon which Shiji’s PMS solution is built. This platform was designed and constructed from scratch to align with global chain, regional group and independent hotels requirements.

Shiji’s COO, Kevin King, highlighted the significance of the successful transition. "We are proud that Peninsula hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo, and London are now live on the platform. The recent rapid deployment of this technology is a monumental achievement. It’s not just about implementation; it's about doing it quickly, effectively, and without compromising on quality or the guest experience."

The Shiji Enterprise Platform brings a host of benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of Luxury Hotels. With the Single Guest Profiles feature, The Peninsula Hotels can now offer a seamless and personalized guest experience across its entire portfolio, streamlining operations and enhancing guest satisfaction. The platform's micro-service architecture allows effortless customization of their technology stack, integrating seamlessly with other products and platforms to reduce operational complexities.

Security is of paramount concern, and the platform ensures that customer data remains secure and compliant with the strictest privacy regulations. Finally, its event-driven architecture and task-based intelligence speed up operational workflows, a crucial aspect in luxury hospitality where guests expect immediate and high-quality service.

Michael Garcia, HSH’s Group General Manager, Technology, added, “Delivering a world-class guest experience is paramount at The Peninsula Hotels, and we've found a partner in Shiji who is up to the task. Shiji’s dedication to great service, combined with their innovative technological solutions, is unmatched. Shiji doesn't just think in terms of advanced technology—they're pioneers in building pragmatic and usable systems that cater specifically to the unique demands of luxury hotels. We are delighted with our partnership and look forward to setting new standards in hospitality together.”

This collaboration serves as a beacon for the hospitality sector, demonstrating the enormous potential for technology to enhance luxury and operational effectiveness. For further information, please visit Shiji Enterprise Platform Website.


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