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What are consumers' top frustrations in hospitality, and how can hospitality operators address them?

Find out in this exclusive consumer research report in partnership with CGA by NIQ

Our previous GO Technology research revealed that hospitality still plays an important role in people’s social lives despite cost pressures, but with 49% of consumers saying they’d become less loyal to a brand after a few bad experiences, it’s incredibly important for hospitality businesses to deliver frictionless experiences that meet guests’ expectations, without any frustration during the journey.

This exclusive research of 5,000 hospitality consumers reveals the biggest frustrations guests encounter when engaging with venues, both in-venue and pre-visit, how these frustrations differ between demographics, and what actions they are likely to take following a frustrating experience.

What's in the report?

  • Top 5 biggest bugbears

  • Frustrations by stage in the customer journey

  • How do these frustrations differ between demographics?

  • Where and when consumers vent their frustrations about their hospitality experiences

Download the free report here


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